April's Internet, Explored

Studio Cult's Internet, Explored

The 12 Coolest Things We Found Online in April 

Every month, we plunge our hands into the stinging waters of the World Wide Web, snatch an oyster from her briny depths and pry it open to bring you back the finest pearls. Last month we were obsessed with learning everything we could about Party Parrot, these new emojis that express exactly what we've been feeling, and the best curation of TikToks online

Investigating How Party Parrot Became a Meme

In these uncertain times, at least we can still rely on Party Parrot to keep on partying. Brittany Levine Beckman of Mashable investigates how one unusual bird became the perpetually dancing hero of Slack channels and Reddit threads across the internet. At the very least, you owe it to yourself to watch the YouTube video that marks Sirocco’s viral origin: a clip from the BBC where the flightless bird attempts to mate with a zoologist, showing off his signature moves in the courtship.


Cult of the Party Parrot Has a Party Parrot Gif for Every Occasion

For all your Party Parrot needs, let me direct you to the official headquarters. Cult of the Party Parrot collects every version of the internet’s favorite bird. Highlights include Goth Parrot, Hypno Parrot, and of course, the timeless Conga Line Parrot. Download them to your Slack, add the keyboard to your smartphone, or just stare blankly at the many iterations of the gif, all endlessly gyrating into infinity.

While you’re enjoying Sirroco’s majesty, consider donating to help keep the endangered Kākāpō alive.



Browse Beautiful Typography on the Online Letterform Archive

The Letterform Archive has made its digital collection of lettering, typography, and graphic design available to the public. The nonprofit uploaded 9,000 high-res images of 1,500 gorgeous pieces into a searchable database. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just aimlessly browsing, the Archive is a fantastic resource.


The History of the Sidekick 

Before Paris Hilton was ever photographed with a pink bedazzled Sidekick II, three former Apple employees were tweaking a groundbreaking online mobile device called the Hiptop. Jason Duaine writes for Complex about the rise and fall of the Sidekick. From a marketing campaign that hijacked celebrity to target teens, to losing credibility after a handful of data scandals, the Sidekick remains an iconic piece of 00s ephemera despite its ultimate defeat by the Great Glass Rectangle.


 A Retrospective of Paris Hilton's Bedazzled Cellphones

Speaking of Paris Hilton, take a trip down memory lane with this retrospective of the iconic Aquarius’ sparkly telephones.


Gorgeous Nail Art by Jessica Washick

The only job that might be cooler than designing Nike Air Force 1s might be professionally styling nail art, and Jessica Washick does both. We highly recommend blessing your instagram feed with her super chic nails. (The Nikes aren’t so bad to look at either.) Our favorites include Jessica’s translucent seaglass nails, wavy colorblocked nails, and of course her tribute to Joshua Vides' signature style.


Learn the Pen Tool With This Bézier Game

This site gamifies mastering the Pen Tool. Obviously, I played through it in a breeze, since I always use the Pen Tool and never dream of roughing something in with a shameful combination of the Polygonal Lasso and Magic Wand.


The Evolution of the Scrollbar

If you entered quarantine with lofty goals for self-started education, let me offer you a quick study. Learn the history of the scrollbar with this satisfying timeline of interactive, responsive replicas.


Download Free Emojis for Designers 

Conceived by and for quarantined designers, creative agency &Walsh offers their set of tongue-in-cheek emojis to the public for free. Get them now for iMessage and WhatsApp, or search #andwalsh on Instagram to add them to your story.


Buy a Cast Marble Helios Bust

Vaporwave project (aptly titled) “Vaporwave Club” is selling a cast marble replica of Helios, the patron saint of all things a e s t h e t i c. This isn’t just a 3D printed facsimile, but “laser scanned copy from the original piece in Rhodes, Greece.” Wavy.


Are People Looking Up Emoji Because of Miscommunication? 

Miscommunication? In my emoji? It’s more common than you think. Emojipedia’s Chief Emoji Officer Jeremy Burge attributes a spike in emoji lookups on the site to disparate emoji design across platforms. Among several examples included is Jameela Jamil’s employment of a Face with Hand Over Mouth Emoji (🤭), which when viewed from a non-Apple device attributed a mocking tone to her well-intentioned tweet.


JumboTV's TikTok Compilations

One can easily misunderstand TikTok to be a full-screened successor to Vine for cringey midwesterners. Enter JumboTV. Created by digital renaissance man and bonafide poet Kareem Rahma, the “Quarantine TV for Quaranteens” is a masterfully curated collection of TikToks uploaded periodically to Instagram as episode 69. Stay tuned for the musical guest!


*~ written by Pia Marchetti ~*