I Wish I Could Draw: No, You Just Wish You had the End Result

I Wish I Could Draw: No, You Just Wish You had the End Result

May 13, 2019 2 Comments

"You don't wish you could draw... you just wish you had the end result." - @adam.the.creator

This was originally an email sent out to our subscribers, however we felt that it deserved a broader audience as we often get asked how to start making art  during our Q&A's. If you are someone who has no idea how to start making art, is really frustrated trying to create art or perhaps are discouraged but still have the desire to create art, please keep reading.
The other day I had the privilege of meeting some of Instagram's talented content creators (meme geniuses, really) at BrandFire Studios in midtown Manhattan. One of them was @adam.the.creator. I sat across from and watched him whip up a realistic illustration of a newborn baby in about two hours or so. As he finished it, he interjected into the conversation the table was having about creativity and said,
"...Yeah, you know people like to say I wish I could draw. No you don't, because if you wished you could draw, you would sit down and draw. There's nothing keeping you from picking up a pencil right this second and start drawing. It is not understood that drawing is a really difficult process. It really sucks! People who say they wished they could draw just wished they had end result without going through all of that first."
Adam points to his drawing,
"This right here, really sucked for me to do. It was hard to sit down and make this, but now its done and I have a great illustration."
*Adam's response is paraphrased with my best ability from memory*
It was eye opening to see him express that at his level of success and passion for creative work that he too goes through the same exact frustration in the process of creation as we all do.
Frustration and difficulty in the creative process do not discriminate against the seasoned pro or amateur. We are all one in the same when it comes to the creative process. This conversation made me realize that this frustration will never go away and I found peace in that.
This also ties in well with another piece of life advice that was given to me: "pick your favorite flavor of sh*t sandwich and do that with your life."
Honestly ask yourself:
  • Is all this negative stuff I experience when trying to create art worth it?
  • Can I tolerate comparing my skill level as it is now as opposed to where I want it to be?
  • Can I deal with constructive criticism?
  • Am I willing to be guided or take a course to improve my skills?
  • What will I gain from commiting to creating art? What Will I lose?
Every interest, career and industry has its problems so choose which you are most prepared to deal with. If you are still reading, it's likely you chose the creative battle for yourself. 
Now, answer the above questions and get clear on why you want to make art, and the rest becomes much simpler. Once that's done, own your decision and go make something, even if it means fifteen terrible drawings and maybe one somewhat decent one. Rinse and repeat until you become GREAT. 

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Luis C.
Luis C.

May 15, 2019

There’s a lot of thoughts on my mind related to this post, currently I’m battling with some kind of depression, I chose very very poorly on a career that doesn’t get me motivated as something that I can see myself living from. Now I’m stuck in an 8-whatever the hell hour I can be free from that toxic job for a living trying to find this scape valve in art or some form of it that can get me the satisfaction of see my work displayed or acquired by someone, learning from almost zero but committed with future and positive results. I see you as a great influence on what I can achieve, from the very bottom of the child’s heart who was drawing every freaking night before sleep to the bitter adult who doesn’t enjoy life that I’m now, lots of love Yuliya.✌🏽

Kat Onken
Kat Onken

May 14, 2019

Great advice! It also helps me to remember that there will always be someone who is better than me at any given skill. My perspective of that changes everything. If I take inspiration from those who I feel are more seasoned instead of negatively comparing and letting myself feel lesser, I can continue to grow and get better every day!

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