Sh*t List Pin

Freddy Bosche x

"Art that cuts into the heart"

The  "Reflections" collaboration serves as a reminder that adversity dehumanizes people, while the reality is that all of us are fighting the same fight. In the search and yearning for love, adventure and acceptance all of us are the same in this respect.  

We collaborated together with Freddy Bosche, a New York City based artist, to create a pin that captures the seriousness of the topics that he examines in his art. Topics such as happiness, hardships and the complexities of human thought in his signature light hearted, and at times mischievous fashion.  

At first glance, this appears to be a comical notebook pin that reads "shit list." Once you open it, you find yourself being the only one on the shit list.

If you look even closer, you will notice there is a message that can be read in the mirror.

"It may not look like it but I'm definitely on your side" is one of the many healing messages that can be found within over 130 of his notebooks.