The 11 Best Aesthetic Pins

The 11 Best Aesthetic Pins

by Pia Marchetti

So you already have a closet full of anime tees, your computer is a 1998 Dell Gateway, and your fridge is stocked with Arizona Tea. Or, maybe you wear a suit and tie to your day job but you moonlight as a mallsoft DJ on the weekends. Either way, an enamel pin is the perfect accessory to complete your a e s t h e t i c.

We compiled a list of the 11 Coolest Vaporwave Enamel Pins you can buy right now. 🌊💿🌴


View by No Man's Press

No Man's Press View Vaporwave Enamel Pins

These beautiful enamel pins capture the feeling of staring listlessly out of your bedroom window while Floral Shoppe by Macintosh Plus plays softly on Winamp. Available in New York and LA styles and day and night colorways, these colorful pins are perfect for vaporwave enthusiasts on either coast.

Available from No Man's Press | $12 for one, $22 set of two, $40 set of all four



Flying V by Vapor95

Vapor95 Flying V Vaporwave Pin

Where would we be without the Flying V? By interpolating a classic Windows 95 graphic, our friends at Vapor95 created a logo that has become an emblem of the entire vaporwave movement. (Did you see that someone even got it tattooed?!) Couple that with a stunning anodized finish, and you've got an enamel pin that is the definition of  a e s t h e t i c.

Available from Vapor 95 | $11.95



Fragmentary Head of a Youth by Inner Decay

Inner Decay Fragmentary Head of a Youth Vaporwave Enamel Pin

Greek and Roman statues have been a staple in the vaporwave community since the first Helios statue was Photoshopped next to a bottle of Arizona Tea. Pin it on your holographic windbreaker and you're ready for seapunk night at your local 80s cafe.

Available from Inner Decay | $10



Ms Paint by Studio Cult

Studio Cult MS Paint Vaporwave Enamel Pin

The greatest crappy drawing program of all time is now immortalized in enamel. Maybe we're a little biased, but we think our tribute to Microsoft Paint is fairly dank. While you're surfing our part of the net, click on over to our Display Properties, Frozen Arrow, and WordArt pins.

Available from Studio Cult | $18



Pastel Geo Pin Set by Yoko Honda x Laser Kitten

Yoko Honda Laser Kitten Pastel Geo Vaporwave Enamel Pin Set

For a more abstract approach to the vaporwave pin game, check out these Yoko Honda designed geometric enamel pins. The dreamy colorway perfectly compliments your Mac G3 hockey puck mouse.

Available from Laser Kitten | $38 for set of all four



Test Screen by Strike Gently Co.

Strike Gently Co Test Screen Vaporwave Enamel Pin

Do you think the engineers that invented the color bars could have imagined that one day they'd make us Some Type of Way? This enamel pin features the entire NTSC Video Standard rainbow, from 77 IRE Gray to 15 IRE Blue.

Available from Strike Gently Co. | $10


Jazzy Wave by Retro Killerz

Jazzy Wave Vaporwave Enamel Pin

This dixie cup inspired enamel pin is certified rad. Shout out to Gina Ekiss, the greatest graphic designer to ever do it. 🐐

Available from Retro Killerz | $10.95



Pink Floppy Disk by Free Radicals

Free Radicals Pink Floppy Disck Vaporwave Enamel Pin

This adorable pink floppy disk has just enough space to hold a single WordPerfect document.

Available from Free Radicals | $8



Classical Column Set by Shiny Apple Studios

Shiny Apple Studios Classical Columns Vaporwave Enamel Pin Set

Rome wasn't built in a day, but my vaporwave tumblr was. Available in Ionic, Doric, Corinthian, or a set of all three, these hard enamel pins are a perfect gifts for your architecture enthusiast vaporwave friend who collects flair.

Available from Shiny Apple Studios | $10 for one, $26 for a set of all three



Pool by Jiro Bevis x PSA Press

Jiro Bevis PSA Press Pool Vaporwave Enamel Pin

Set your away status on AIM and come take a dip. This beautiful enamel rendition of Jiro Bevis' "Cool in the Pool" feels like if the 1980s had wifi.

Available from PSA Press | $10



Purity by RVRE Aesthetics x Vapor95

RVRE Aesthetics Vapor95 Vaporwave Purity Enamel Pin

Fiji Water is definitely the Aesthetic© beverage of choice. This cute soft enamel pin may not hydrate your body, but it will hydrate your Mood.

Available from Vapor95 | $11.95



What's your favorite vaporwave pin? Did we miss something? Leave a comment in cyberspace.


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Pia Marchetti is an artist, illustrator, and pontificator living in Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram, or don't~*