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Quality and Compliments

The quality is awesome — talk about heavy-duty hardware! And I can’t go anywhere without getting compliments on it.

Sooooo cute

I get compliments every time I wear my bag

Party Parrot Lenticular Pin

Binder Clip Bag?!

Yes, this is as awesome as you’d think it might be. Perfect handle, great structure, just the right size.

Lovem, kinda hard to put on

Love how they look, bit don't know why, for me it's very difficult to try and put em on. I have to try tons of times to get the right grip on em to close them. They keep slipping of my hand.

Love it

One of my favorite pieces from studiocult. Simple amd cute

Binder Clip Bag

Wife absolutely loved it, and its the coolest thing sitting in our living room.

Super cute!

I love binder clips and knew I had to have this immediately. It is a good size for carrying normal necessities and feels sturdy.


Phenomenal bag. Definitely an eye catcher. Magnetic clasps are sweet action little detail. The included chain is nice, but the handles are where its at.


Really fantastic quality, i love the look, extremely comfortable as well!

Much better than I expected!

Ok - while I was really hoping to get the out of stock Binder Clip bag, I bought this one instead and absolutely love it! Very well made, the body skin like texture gives it an extra pop, the magnetic clips to close the bag and make sure nothing comes out are fun and overall, it’s a great statement piece! Perfect size, not to big or small... :) love it!!!


I love this bag, it just came in the mail yesterday! The shipping was very fast and the bag is so unique. I cannot wait to wear it out! I am able to fit my iPhone 11, AirPods and inhaler comfortably, might be able To add a pack of gum also! So it fits what I need. If you’re looking for a cute small bag, this is the one!

Great Work!!

They are so lovely :) I can’t get enough of them. They’re made of a wonderful, high-quality material and I appreciate the sturdy clip that fastens them in place. Was slightly bigger than I expected, but that didn’t really pose an issue for me. Overall a wonderful product.

Stellar!!!! So beautiful

Binder clip love

I love purses that dont look like purses and this one is no exception! It looks perfectly like a binder clip and is very well made! The solid metal handles are clearly quality and beautiful! I wish the top of the binder slip was large enough to put your wrist through.

Great quality

I loved my purchase and will be purchasing again :) thanks!

Website Stud Earrings

Cute But Tiny!

Cute but they were hard to put on and are so small that you can't really make out the fact that it's a photoshop earring unless you're really close to my face lol

LOVE this earring!

So unique and cool. I’m really happy with my purchase.

No damages, very detailed ^-^

Binder clip bag

The bag is very well detailed & very well made very creative piece to own thank you

Tough & Cheeky Gift

I highly recommend this bag. I bought this as gift for a friend and she loved it. If you have high fashion friends or you’d cal yourself a fashionista, BUY THIS BAG

Super cute and wearable!!!

Spike Ear Cuff

Looks awesome, is light weight enough to wear comfortably all day, and super easy to put on / take off. Love it!

Spike Cuff