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Fish Hook earring

Really great, nice metal , east to put on. Light, doesn't hurt the ear.

Joined The Cult

Love this purchase, and already getting some looks from it. I got it in gold as well, and even picked up a few other items!

It’s so cute!!!

I’m definitely getting the rest of the earrings and things that I want. Haha!!

The bag looks amazing in person!! I love the different details and it definitely has a good amount of space to fit a couple of essential items.

If it wasn't for the shipping protection, I wouldn't have been able to get the bag that I ordered that was lost during delivery. It was sent it to me again.

Love it

This earring is amazing. It came in a nice little pouch to keep the earring inside. Also, it came with a cute reusable shopping tot. Very excited about that.

The earring itself is amazing. The clasp is strong, which is the only thing I was worried about before receiving the piece.

So Unique!

So glad I bought this before it sold out. I love this brand but I have to struggle justifying paying so much for just one earring. But it is very cool and good quality. Very light weight and I can wear it the whole day, but sometimes it does get a little sore.

Aries Ring
Grace A.
Aries Zodiac Ring

Absolutely LOVE my Aries ring! Very high quality & comfortable to wear! Beautiful piece!

Hex Key Earring
Marshall C.
Tough AND Cute

Few pieces are going to go better with a utility/workwear fit. Like some other jewelry that extends out from the ear (like the screws), this isn't really compatible with AirPods, just an fyi.

I'm hooked

I absolutely love my mini gold hooks! They feel good in my ears and they are very eye catching. I went back and ordered a pair of large silver hooks too!

Soda Tab Earring
Source R.
A little heavy, but very good!

At first I received a defected item. But Studio Cult was quick to correct this!
Now, I wear this every day, and the hinge works fine! (I saw other comments on it)

It is a little heavy, however not by much. (If you're used to very light earrings) Although, my ear got used to it after the first few wears. It's a solid quality item~!

It's my favourite earring! c:

Gorgeous ring

In love! So pretty!!

Love it obsessed

Ummmm no complaints, amazing.

Virgo Ring

Gorgeous, fabulous, shiny and bold. And that’s saying a lot - coming from a Virgo!!!

Aries Ring

the ring is huge but i love it

best stud earrings ever !!

Pencil Earring
Farida I.
Fun one

Very high quality! Has a nice weight as well.



Cute and Tactile

Love the look, exactly as pictured (as always) and unexpectedly I love running my nail along the groves!
Hair will get caught on it if not careful so be warned. But it’s not a big deal if you’re mindful.

Zip Tie Ring
koen d.V.
great but a bit sharp

I love it but it's not the most comfortabel ring to ware on your ring vinger the corners are a bit sharp

GF loved it! shipping took a bit longer than expected though

GF loved it! shipping took a bit longer than expected though