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It’s Giving

This bag is a statement piece people are constantly asking me about. You can take it from sassy to classy just by changing the handle direction. I love it.

Love them but 1 issue

They slip off when bumped in the slightest so wearing a mask makes it hard to wear them as I’ve already lost one and reordered a second set. I really wish they offered a pierced version. Originally I thought they had posts until I got them and was amazed however good they are there exists that design flaw and during a pandemic it’s not good to wear them.

So Dang Cute!!

I had to get this bag, when I saw it I just loved it!
It arrived quickly and the quality is fantastic. I feel like it will be my favorite bag for a long long time.

binder clip bag

exactly like a binder clip it’s just a bag. handles r solid. heavy shits...u can knok someone out with’m.


This bag is so cute. I bought it as a gift and my sister was in shock because I surprised her with it. I wish it was alittle bigger.


Very high quality and great design!

they got little guys on em

like most hoops these are very nice and shiny and make me look cute! they also have little guys on em! what a plus

Its A Looker

This bag has got me nothing but stares. Everyone wants to know where i got it from and I simply share the site and watch as they are amazed at the price. I love this bag my favorite accent piece.

Great customer service

I was instantly obsessed with my new bag since I’m a fan of quirky designs, however the bag arrived damaged. I contacted customer service and they quickly resolved the matter by saying they would send a new bag, can’t wait to receive it so that I can show it off!


The binder clip bag makes me smile every time I use it - I love it. It’s also a great conversation starter - its so fun to see people’s reactions to it! I wish the magnet closures were a little stronger, but this is definitely a five-star bag. The notepaper lining inside is the icing on the cake!

It’s to small! LOL!

There’s no way my fat earlobe could fit it. I was mad jelly when my friend could wear it do to her small earlobe & look good on her too! So I just gave it to her. I am sad I couldn’t wear i though. I love the symbolism behind it. So ya. If you got a big ass earlobe it’s a no go Bros. Good gift though!

Awesome bag! Cute and big enough for all the necessities! Love it!


Super cute, edgy and unique! Really lightweight as well!

Nice little bag

This bag is cute, but make no mistake, it is small. I love the aesthetic and build seems to be quality. The only sadness I had was the shoulder strap varied from what was in the photos.

Big Binder Clip

The purse is definitely a conversation piece...I believe it’s the perfect size...not too big and not too small but the perfect size to jazz up your outfit 

Binder Clip Bag - Cute design but one of the snap-closure magnets has a problem

The bag itself is cute and cool.....but one problem, one of the snap-closure magnets is loosening its power so it doesn't hold the bag, whenever I move the bag, this snap-closure magnet pushes off. I wish the shop can send me the extra snap-closure magnet and I will try to find out how to fix it myself.

Definitely a conversational piece!

I love the bag and it is a conversational piece. I have just one small issue is that the bag doesn't close very well. It takes some effort to close the bag when I am wearing it or the magnet pops open depending on what is inside the bag. I wondered if it is an individual issue or the placement of the magnets. Anyways, I love the bag...

Clever idea and perfectly executed

My wife is an attorney and she uses a lot of binder clips so when I saw the bag in an IG ad I thought it would be a fun gift. I was not expecting it to be so well made! The attention to detail was impressive. I would definitely purchase additional items from the studio.

SO cute

I'm in love with this bag. The quality is fantastic and the overall look is so awesome. As a writer who also works around a bunch of other marketing and creatives, I got tons of comments just walking in the office. I'm so happy I snagged this!


Very well made and so unique. My wife loves it.

I wear this ring every day to work and I always get so many compliments on it! Amazing quality super unique design, and runs true to size.

In love

This purse is absolutely perfect! It’s my new favorite!

love the bag i'm getting a ton of compliments

it's such an amazing statement piece and ive been getting compliments on it everywhere i go!! study material and the long strap really makes it versatile :) highly recommend purchasing it!

Killer product - to die for compliments!

Turning heads and popping up questions of 'WHERE DID YOU GET THAT' from every office supply fetishist in my realm!