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Endear Ring
Quintin Marcus
Cute and happy

It fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. Shines brightly :)

Digit Ring
Michelle Côté

Love this digit ring. Fits great, big and bulky (in a good way) glows in the dark … really what’s not to love?

Unplugged Earring
Victoria Angelini
10/10 drip

love it. I get so many compliments even though my friends don’t understand it LOL <3 100% would buy from here again

Digit Ring
L. S. D
shiny chrome ♥

very comfortable to wear and epic,especially in the dark :)

Bread bag

I love it, very nice and soft material, beautiful color! I wish it had a zipper on top, sometimes it's hard to close with strap connected to it

Binder Clip Bag
Raquel Alvarado
Binder clip bag

The strap wouldn’t go through sides completely. Other than that it’s ok. I have to pull it to the side in order to get them through the side holes. It’s frustrating.

Flame Earrings
A bit too big

I really really love the design of these earrings, but I wish they were half as big, as they are quite heavy and therefore less comfortable to wear, and I also just wish it was a bit more subtle.


I absolutely love these. They’re nice and sturdy but not too heavy. I’ve had them for over a year and they’ve become a staple in my accessory wardrobe I wear them everyday and they're still shiny and beautiful.

Button Stud Earring
David Dugard
Amazing purchase

This is such a cute piece and it fit my ear perfectly I love it and such great quality

Conversation starter

Everyone that saw me with it asked me where did I get it! The color is Soo bright u can see it across the room, so I guess I'd never lose it🤣 the quality is nice and sturdy so if you are thinking about buying it, go for it! It fits my 6 inch phone and a few other gizmos.

Razzle Dazzle Ring
timothy woo

Razzle Dazzle Ring

love, love, LOVE IT!!!

The concept of this bag is sooo unique and cool I had to get it. Was super excited for it to come in and I am not disappointed at all with how it looks or feels. It’s GREAT quality and soooo worth it!

Binder Clip Bag
simone busatti
missed package

until now, i still not receive any package

Best Impulse Purchase Ever

I mean come on! I hummed and hawed over ordering this. Finally I accepted it - I wanted to own this and its perfect. I can't wait to go out with this bag. Perfectly wicked bag.

Love them aaaaa

One of my favorite pairs (I bought two) of earrings ever! So lightweight and comfy. I always get compliments when I wear them!

Cute, but actual space for things is small

Pros: super cute, will get lots of compliments wherever you go, excellent pop of color to any fit. Considering getting another color.

Cons: two main ones. 1. strap not long enough for people with large chests (even after adjusting). Still makes a GREAT clutch. 2. actual purse space is smaller than expected. I have an iPhone XR & it can’t fit unless I put it in diagonally. So be prepared to have space for only your ID, debit card, lipgloss, mask and cash. Make sure you put all cards flat down (vs standing) so your cards don’t fall out.

Venus Earring
Steph S

This is my favorite every day earring ❤︎ And when I had an issue with the jewlery the maker sent me a new one, tout suite! Thanks for being the best

Fish Hook Earring
Troy Williams
make more please

will you be making anymore silver ones

Big Mood Ring
Santana Baker
Simple and chic - great ring

I love that while this ring is big and a little extra, it actually has a very sleek profile. So many people compliment this ring and ask where it’s from! I love it. Such a great purchase

Love the ring

I love the skinny dip ring. It fits my finger perfectly and it just looks so cool. The ring gets 5 stars from me

Button Stud Earring
Josiah Harris
cute as a button

A well made beautiful button stud, I have a helix piercing, it fits very well! however I am a large man so if you have a smaller ear this might fit as well. The manufacturing is CLEAN! no burs, no flashing and high polish. great silver stud for a great price.

Binder Clip Bag
Norman Fleeter

They were so helpful in an exchange. Highly recommend this company

Asterisk Earring
Anthony Cardinale

I really like how easy it is to put on as well as how good it looks when it is on😌

Flame Earrings
Taylor Young

love them! so cute and lots of compliments! the clasp can be a little tricky getting open

Endear Ring
Brooke Allio
Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Love this ring. Not only is candy on my finger but it could serve as brass knuckles if need be. I’m just sayin’.