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it feels super high quality and I constantly get compliments on it, totally worth the price if you're not afraid to be eccentric!

Big Mood Ring
Isaac A.

smaller face than I expected but I love this and all my studio cult rings. I wear them daily.

Binder Clip Bag

Pros: The bag is adorable- great quality, craftsmanship and design. The inside notebook paper lining was a bonus!
Arrived timely, and in good condition.
Cons: tracking the order is a pain- should not have to download a shipping app. Also, just a few days after ordered, the bag went on sale 50%- not cool!! A heads up or a discount would have been nice.

Awesome purchase

Got complements right away, always been a fan of buying stuff not many people would buy but also combining it with my style

Never taking this off, LITERALLY

I love her. This thing goes with everything and I seriously haven't taken it off except to clean it since I've gotten it. It's beautiful, well made, doesn't hurt me in any way and is comfy enough to sleep in. I really don't plan on taking it off any time soon 💖

Needle Earring
I'm in LOVEEE the BEST earrings EVER!!!

As someone who sews, these are my dream earrings. So unique and special.
I wear them everyday. They are really comfortable and have good quality.

Everyone loves the ring

Sometimes you gotta hit 'em with the razzle dazzle - this consistently produces razzle dazzle results.

Such beautiful detail!!

Needle Earring
Angela R.

Needle Earring

Chonky Hoops
Zona S.

Order was on time.

Gorgeous Art Piece

Love it, well made & love the little details with the matches and coins.

Awesome look!

The way they go into the socket is a bit odd, which not every earring will be perfect, but I'm not too picky! They look amazing and they kinda complete some of my spooky outfits! :)

Granny Approved

I sew with a bunch of old ladies, they thought it was cute and were positively tittering about it


Fits like a charm. A dream. I think I'm in love, what more can I say?

(It's nicely proportioned and sturdy but not too heavy)

Beautiful piece of hardware

Can I just start by saying wow?? I’m in love with this earring: it’s sleek, beautiful, shiny and bright. I’m a professional sewer and it’s the perfect accessory - thank you!

Needle Earring
Lilian S.

Needle Earring

Great quality and ships fast

The perfect amount of weight and so unique have been waiting for this to drop for a long time and I love it !!

Super cute, super comfy

When this earring first arrived, it didn't close properly and when I emailed the support team, they responded promptly and sent a (working) replacement right away. I was very happy with the support.

And it's SO cute. It's heavy enough to feel sturdy and to allow me to feel a little swing when I move my head. I would definitely order jewelry from them again.


I love this earring, it’s so cute and it’s lightweight so you don’t even notice you’re wearing it. It’s high quality too

Love it

Very cute and sturdy design. They pair well with the crescent moon earring


My piercings are uneven (the piercing on one ear is noticeably lower than the other ear) and it is almost indistinguishable when I wear these. They feel nice and solid but aren’t too heavy. I forget I’m wearing them.

Perfect gift

My partner is an English Teacher and this bag has the perfect level of whimsy for her style. She is thrilled with it.

Binder Clip Bag
TeddiAnne K.
Binder Clip Purse

The purse looks exactly as advertised on the website. It is super cute, and I'm still waiting for the "Cool Purse" comments. The closure is a little tricky if you use the strap. I'm still adjusting to that. All and all, I'm happy with it.

Chonky Hoops
Kathleen W.
I will follow Studio Cult to the ends of the earth

I have a few of their products (file purse, outlet purse, and the paint pin). Quality is a chef’s kiss. I always get asked and complemented. I’ve been eyeing the chonky earrings for awhile. Made some hard life choices and decided to get these finally as my motivator/reward. So happy. I’d buy the whole store if I could.