The 19 Coolest Enamel Pins of All Time

The 19 Coolest Enamel Pins of All Time

by Yuliya Veligurskaya

Enamel pins have become a staple in the creative community. Artists, designers, and makers of all sorts can create their own pins to network, trade, or even start a small business.

As pin makers, we especially appreciate creators that are truly innovating the enamel pin with clever designs, interesting materials, and new manufacturing techniques.

Here's our list of the 19 Coolest Enamel Pins of All Time. 📌🏆🆒



Pinlord Sacred Heart by PSA Press and High Five Pins

PSA Press and High Five Pins Pinlord Sacred Heart Enamel Pin

Let’s start it off right. In honor of the @Pinlord himself, this pin turns the #pingame on its head, err, post. Show off this next level pin while you flip through Eduardo Morales’ definitive text on pins, Pin Game Strong (featuring Studio Cult on page 20 😉).

Available from PSA Press or High Five Pins | $10



Planisphere by Alum and Ink

Alum and Ink Functional Planisphere Start Chart Pin

Dating back to the 18th century, the planisphere is an analog computer that uses two rotating disks to display a star chart for any day of the year. This wearable, functional astronomical instrument features gorgeous enamel and gold-plated metal.

Available from Alum and Ink | $26



Brass Orbit by Space Walk

Space Walk Brass Orbit Pin

These beautiful space-inspired pins are individually handmade in California. Each piece features a unique orbit of Swarovski crystals set in brass that will develop a patina over time. (If tarnished metal isn’t your taste, you can also get them in aluminum.)

While you’re picking out your orbit pin, don’t forget to check out Space Walk Pins’ interpretation of the the Planisphere Pin.

Available from Space Walk | $25



Melted Astronaut by Killer Acid

Killer Acid Melted Astronaut Pin

Killer Acid’s super detailed illustrations are a trip, and this hinged pin is no exception. Open the astronaut’s helmet to expose him to the elements. The packaging includes a super cool mini comic in the style of Bazooka Joe comics.

While you’re still in orbit around his shop, make contact with his Cowboy Robot and No Bad Trips Alien hinged pins.

Available from Killer Acid | $12.49



Indecisive Spinner by Adam JK

Adam Jk Indecisive Spinner

Ever wonder how Adam JK is able to master writing, illustrating, designing, and public speaking? It’s because he has this pin to make the tough decisions for him. Choose between Mac or PC, chocolate or vanilla, and boxers or briefs through the endlessly entertaining act of spinning. Adam’s iconic handwriting perfectly compliments “the only answers you’ll ever need: YES, NO, MAYBE, or IDK.”

While you’re browsing Adam’s shop, check out his Creative Process and Feelings pins.

Available from Adam JK | $10



Photoshop Pin by Studio Cult

Studio Cult Photoshop Enamel Pin

We pulled out all the stops when we created our Photoshop Pin. Using a combination of soft enamel, laser engraving, epoxy coatings, and screen printing, we created a real-life version of your favorite image processing software. Oh, and the canvas is a whiteboard!

If you think that's cool, you might also like our interactive Order Tracker Pin, or our 48 color Color Picker Pin.

Available from Studio Cult | $18



Mad Lab Creations by Creepy Company

When Creepy Company isn’t collaborating with Garbage Pail Kids® or making Necronomicon Plush Cushions, they’re pushing the proverbial envelope for enamel pins. These limited edition pieces are some of the most unique and pinnovative products we’ve ever seen. Here's a few of our favorites.


Nosferatu Project-O™

Creepy Company Nosferatu Project-O™ Pin

One of the earliest entries into the horror canon, Nosferatu exemplifies the aesthetics of German expressionism. Styled like a projector slide, this transparent pin can project a film still of the vampire’s iconic silhouette.

Available from Creepy Company | $11.99



Creepy Company Lunkead Moss Beard Enamel Pin

An homage to 1982 cult classic Creepshow, this enamel pin features a fuzzy moss beard. We’d be dipped in shit if that ain’t a cool pin!

No longer available from Creepy Company



Creepy Company BeastWreack Mad Lab Creations BubblegumAssKick

I've come here to chew bubblegum and buy pins... and I'm all out of bubblegum. Creepy Company collaborated with BeastWreck to immortalize one of the most iconic lines in horror history. Not only is the bubble three-dimensional, it’s bubblegum scented!

No longer available from Creepy Company



Guillotine by Creepy Company

Creepy Company Guillotine Movable Enamel Pin

If you’re disappointed that the Mad Lab Creations pins are sold out, never fear! Creepy Company still has plenty of other petrifying pins. Our favorite is the Guillotine entry in their Ars Moriendi line. Their website assures us that the movable blade “stops just short of certain death.” Wait a minute… is that a blood stain?

Available from Creepy Company | $11.99



Pizza Mystic Fortune Pin by Andy J Pizza

Andy J Pizza Pizza Mystic Fortune Pin

This adorable pin is designed by illustrator Andy J Pizza. Known for his bold and colorful artwork, Andy also hosts the Creative Pep Talk Podcast, a must-listen for any creator in need of a little pep. If the reassuring face of the Pizza Mystic wasn’t enough, every pin comes with an accompanying fortune!

P.S. Check out Andy’s Pencil Sword Pin.

Available from Creative Pep Talk | $10



Cup Noodles by High Five Pins

High Five Pins Cup Noodles Chain Enamel Pin

One of our all-time favorite pins, this clever accessory uses chains to simulate everyone’s favorite instant ramen noodle.

Available from High Five Pins | $ 15.99



Gummy Worm by High Five Pins

We had to include this sweet treat, also created by High Five pins. Hand-sculpted and cast with polyurethane plastic, these super realistic worms look good enough to eat.

Available from High Five Pins | $11.99



Marauder’s Map by La Barbuda

La Barbuda Marauders Map Dynamic Enamel Pin

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs would be proud of this magical pin. (Well, maybe not Wormtail.) Using the heat from your fingers (or an incendio spell), reveal the secret map. Mischief managed!

When you're sneaking off to Hogsmead, pop back into La Barbuda's shop to check out their Interactive Droid Pin.

Available from La Barbuda | $13.09



Ouija by Memento Mori Goods

Memento Mori Goods Movable Ouija Board Enamel Pin

It was hard to pick just one pin from Memento Mori Goods, but we couldn’t resist the nostalgia factor of their Ouija board pin. Use the movable planchette to communicate with the dead, summon a demon, or ask the spirit world if Spencer from homeroom like-likes you. Be sure to buy a few of their coffin-shaped pin backs for maximum spookiness.

When you’re not busy burning sage between seances, check out Memento Mori Goods' enamel interpretations of tarot cards, like their light-up The Hermit, spinning Wheel of Fortune, and glow in the dark Death.

Available from Memento Mori Goods | $13



Roll High or Die by Pretty Useful Co

Pretty Useful Co Roll High or Die d20 Spinner Enamel Pin

As the name suggests, this pin is pretty useful. Elevate your next DnD campaign with this functional d20 spinner. But beware the enamel inscription: roll high or die!

Available from Pretty Useful Co | $15



Cinderblock by Tough Times Press

Tough Times Press Cinderblock Die Struck Pin

We love the three dimensional qualities of Tough Times Press' molded metal pins. We love their Rose Gold Rose and Silver Dagger, but our favorite has to be the Cinderblock. This die-struck pin has unique genuine concrete texture. Use it to prop up your TV and store your record collection.

Available from Tough Times Press | $12



Pioneer Plaque by Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones Pinoeer Plaque Pin

Designed by Carl Sagan, the Pioneer Plaques were attached to the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecrafts to communicate with aliens in case of interception. Now you can attach this pin to your denim jacket to communicate with humans in case of interaction.

Available from Dylan Jones | $11.35



Alien Abduction Maiden Voyage Co

Maiden Voyage Co Alien Abduction Jumbo Action Enamel Pin

Have you experienced lost time? Did you recently find a tracking device in your neck? Do your cows keep getting inexplicably eviscerated? Skip your hypnosis appointment and just let them beam you up already! This “Jumbo Action” pin features a shiny, three-dimensional flying saucer that sucks an abductee all the way into the craft.

Available from Maiden Voyage Co | $22


What was your favorite pin? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments. 

We hope you were satisfied with this Online Program. 🖥️📶📡



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