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Artist Feature: 8 Bit Stories on Loving Longingness

by Yuliya Veligurskaya

Of all the artists we've interviewed for Readme.txt, 8 Bit Stories is the most mysterious so far. Combining stunning pixel art with thoughtful poetry, they create dreamy atmospheres that both confront and offer an escape from our existential thoughts.

We spoke with 8 Bit Stories about loneliness, longing, and the cosmos. 😔🌌🥀


What's your name and where are you from?

I'm from a faraway island somewhere in Greece. I prefer I'd stay anonymous for the sake of my art.


What lead you to start making pixel art? What are your greatest artistic influences? Would you tell us a little more about them?

2014 was the start and everything else is history. I've grown to take everywhere I can from - either a song, an artwork or human behaviour. There isn't anything specific about it - most of them are coming from personal experiences, others come from poetic thoughts. Speaking of poetry, my biggest influence is Sappho. I owe everything to her and her alone.


8 Bit Stories Fields of Love


Your pieces are such a mood. It's an interesting mixture between nostalgic 8 bit imagery and feelings of loving longingness. What inspires the subject of your art?

Sadness, fear of death, and denial of letting go was always about it. The human psyche/condition and the relentless seeking of fulfillment is such an important subject in my art, but only a few ever realize it. Most people consider my poetry to be some kind of sad affectations - a call out to millennial angst. But it is much more than that - darker than what it seems. It's very hard to make people understand your art and intentions.


What advice do you have for people experiencing loving longingness?

I see longing as a never ending void we yearn to fill, but nothing on this Earth can achieve such a tremendous task. In my world view, we are made of stars and cosmic substance, it is only natural to yearn and long for something so divine like love is. But no human can fulfill that because every one of us seeks the "All That Is" through nourishment and intimacy. True wholeness comes when we come to terms and coexist with our fundamentally fragile nature. All that is beautiful and poetic - the source material for my art, in a way.


 8 Bit Stories Beside You Til The Very End Pixel Art


What programs do you use to make your art?

Photoshop and a drawing tablet. That is all friend.


We've been anticipating you book since your first announced it. Tell us all about what to expect! We've been very excited for it.

Sadness, nostalgia, remembrance of bygone days and yearning for something cosmic. Most of it is humans accepting their fate on this Earth, I'd say.  (You'll see once it is released)


8 Bit Stories World


How did you accumulate your Instagram following? What advice do you have for other artists trying to grow their accounts and expose their work online?

Ι don't have an answer, I don't even how it happened but I did everything organically. I was already in a good spot on Facebook so that maybe helped in a way. To them I say, do what you do with love and what inspires you and don't care about numbers. And don't worry about people that hold grudges against you, they matter not.


What challenges do you experience when creating art?

The hardest part? Satisfying myself. I've reached a point where I find mistakes in everything I create. Either it's the colors, dithering, or character placement and quotes - I'm always judgmental of myself. As if it wasn't already difficult, the self is the biggest enemy of them all.


8bitstories Pixel Art


What does the future hold for you? Are there any cool projects you're currently working on?

Currently working on Coexistence. This book was supposed to be released back on 14th but my proofreader found a lot of grammar and semantic errors so I scrapped most of the poems and started reworking on them. I hope everything goes fine so this book can see the light of day soon. Maybe in July, who knows...


8 Bit Stories Into Your Sea


You can follow 8 Bit Stories at @8bitstories. Check out their first poetry book, The Girl of Cosmos.