5 Retro Office Aesthetic Instagrams

5 Retro Office Aesthetic Instagrams

by Pia Marchetti

Those of us who have been lucky enough to work remotely during the panorama have found ourselves in the limbo of a perpetual snow day with homework for months. One of the most unexpected social symptoms of COVID-19 is, and I grimace as I write this, that we have started to feel nostalgic for the office.

One effective home remedy for cubiclitis is a dose of retro office aesthetics, AKA Office Chic or Office Core. Aestheticians recommend scrolling through pictures of offices for up to 20 minutes whenever symptoms appear. Here are five STUDIOCULT approved Instagram accounts for roomscrolling that would be the perfect setting for our Binder Clip Bag. You'll you feel like you're doing big business in 1983 while you're answering email in a robe in 2021.

The 5 Best Retro Office Accounts To Follow If You Miss Going In to Work

Dreamy Office Design: @__________office

With 46 thousand followers, this "Love letter to the Golden Age of Corporate Kitsch" is our go-to source for a tepid cup of breakroom coffee. These 80s & 90s workplaces feature oatmeal-colored computers, formica counters, and interesting carpet choices. 

Strange and Soothing Work Setups: @do.you.compute

This source for strange and striking work setups will definitely scratch your retro office itch. If your cubiclitis is aggressive, consider doing some R&D on the book this account frequently pulls from. Do You Compute? Selling Tech from the Atomic Age to the Y2K Bug is available for purchase from Hat & Beard Press.

Decaying Office Aesthetics: @semiconductorwave

This account posts more of the surreal side of this aesthetic. Images of technology reclaimed by nature, stacks of discarded Playstations, and keycap orbs evoke an uncanny feeling we still find oddly comforting.

Pre and Post Work Retro Interiors: @jpeg_fantasy

Straying a little outside of the office, this account gives a glimpse into 80s interiors you might see before or after work. There’s still plenty of glass blocks, slatted windows, and potted palms to get you in the mood to type up that sales report by EOD. Here's hoping this comes back in fashion ASAP.

Super Stylish Technology: @unicity74

Browse this virtual catalogue for the next PC downgrade to grace your office desk. Even more aesthetic than the computers themselves are the bold design and fantastic narratives of their accompanying marketing materials.



Hopefully browsing through pictures of these old offices gives you the inspiration to improve the style of your own workspace, or at least make it to Friday.