Pisces Horoscope: The Signs as Plugs

Pisces Horoscope: The Signs as Plugs

by Pia Marchetti

With the release of our Outlet Bag, we’ve got plugs on the brain. 🧠 Read why you’re astrologically paired with these prongs. ✨

The Signs as Plugs

♈ Aries - 3.5mm Aux Cable

Studio Occult March Horoscope Aries - Aux Cable
You have something to say, and you absolutely demand that we listen. It might be in the form of Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad from front to back or it might be the 1977 live version of Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon on repeat. Either way it is going to be LOUD, and it is imperative that the aux is passed.


♉ Taurus - Braided Extension Cord

Studio Occult March Horoscope Taurus - Braided Extension Cord
As the fixed Earth sign, it’s a given that you’re grounded by a third prong, but a typical type B plug doesn’t match your home decor. You’re happy to spring the extra 20 bucks for a more artisanal approach to 100 volts.


♊ Gemini - USB-A

Studio Occult March Horoscope Gemini - USB-A
You are so completely essential to society. (Btw, have you heard that we live in a society???) You power all our most important devices - by which I mean cellphones. People might become frustrated when you flip-flop but still don't fit in, but the problem is actually how they’re interacting with you.


♋ Cancer - VGA

Studio Occult March Horoscope Cancer - VGA Cord You need to be screwed in securely before you can safely make 15 connections.


♌ Leo - RCA Connector

Studio Occult March Horoscope Leo - RCA Connector Not only are you ready to speak at any moment, but you have prepared a full audio and video presentation to accompany your talking points. You’re ready to roll a tv cart into the function just to make your case about Charli XCX with visual aids.


♍ Virgo - Orange Extension Cord

Studio Occult March Horoscope Virgo -Orange Extension Cord Not only are you efficient, you manage to look fashionable while doing the work. We could all learn from this elegant extension cord. You can be a little bit particular about how you want others to act around you, but it’s worth it for your loved ones to learn how to coil cable over/under if it gives you peace of mind.


♎ Libra - USB-C

Studio Occult March Horoscope Libra - USB-C You’ve taken the lessons learned by the younger fellow air sign Gemini and evolved into a more adaptable version. Your love of symmetry is key. Be careful - sometimes you can be agreeable to a fault.


♏ Scorpio - XLR Cable

Studio Occult March Horoscope Scorpio - XLR Your black and silver aesthetic and direct ties to the rock scene make you Cool in a distinctly Punk Way. You’re comfortable backstage at a show, but you can clean up nicely if you need to go to a wedding reception.


♐ Sagittarius - Spark Plug

Studio Occult March Horoscope Sagittarius - Spark Plug You are the spark that ignites fuel into a controlled explosion.


♑ Capricorn - Flat Plug

Studio Occult March Horoscope Capricorn - Flat Plug You are working behind the scenes (or behind a cabinet). Because you keep such a (literal) low profile, some people might not give you the appreciation you deserve. You might thrive in a tight deadline, but take up some space and let loose every once in a while!


♒ Aquarius - PS/2 Cable

Studio Occult March Horoscope Aquarius - PS/2 Cables You reluctantly pull your computer tower out from the desk cabinet to fix whatever’s wrong with the mouse. The smell of dust and electricity is embedding itself as a nostalgic memory in the back of your mind. You locate the PS/2 cords and appreciate the jazz color scheme. 15 years later you’re following #vaporwave on instagram and writing think pieces about mall food court aesthetics.


♓ Pisces - Plugging a Leak

Studio Occult March Horoscope Pisces - Plugging a Leak Like all water signs, you are one finger jammed into a dike away from bursting. And spiritually, you are definitely giving me little dutch boy vibes. Do not ask me to explain this, I will not be making any further statements at this time.


Written by Pia Marchetti~*