Taurus Horoscope: The Signs as Iconic Chairs

Taurus Horoscope: The Signs as Iconic Chairs

by Pia Marchetti

Happy Taurus Season! What’s more Taurean than The Chair™️, an emblem of design philosophy and the marriage of form and function? I need to sit down. 🪑⁠⁠

The Signs as Iconic Chairs

♈ Aries - High Chair

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Aries Highchair
You are baby.


♉ Taurus - Eames Lounge Chair by Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Taurus Eames Lounge Chair
You’re the only one who’s either going to 1. make enough money to afford this or 2. be patient enough to bend the plywood yourself.


♊ Gemini - Panton Chair by Verner Panton for Vitra

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Gemini Panton Chair
You are a cantilevered mod marvel.


♋ Cancer - Papasan Chair

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Cancer Papasan Chair
Finally, a resting place with enough cushioning and roundth to generate the level of comfort you desire.


♌ Leo - Throne

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Leo Throne
Thy Lordship hath demanded a throne befit for his royal blood. Don’t get too high and mighty - you rented this from a prop company.


♍ Virgo - Director's Chair

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Virgo Director's Chair
You are always directing those around you via (metaphorical) megaphone. You might as well invest in the appropriate seating.


♎ Libra - Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Libra Eero Aarnio Ball Chair
I respect your decision to completely disregard function and make choices based purely on aesthetics.


♏ Scorpio - Peacock Chair

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Peacock Chair
You are primarily associated with a French erotic film and The Addams Family.


♐ Sagittarius - Folding Chair

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Sagittarius Folding Chair
You’re equally comfortable at Thanksgiving dinner, your high school friend’s wedding, or playing gin rummy with your grandmother’s friends - just as long as you don’t have to stay at any for more than a few hours.


♑ Capricorn - Cesca Chair by Marcel Breuer for Knoll

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Capricorn Marcel Breuer Cesca Chair
Is this a traditional cane chair or is it or a sleek modern experience? And is Capricorn a carefully considered professional or a complete and total freak of nature? I’m not at liberty to say.


♒ Aquarius - Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck for

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Aquarius Philippe Starck Ghost Chair
Your whole bit is telling people that this acrylic chair is a post modern take on a Louis XVI. With peace and love, you should get another bit.


♓ Pisces - Rocking Chair

STUDIOCULT Horoscope Pisces Rocking Chair
An apt seat for a person in a constant state of rapt contemplation and simultaneous self-soothing.


How did we do? What's your favorite chair and why is the Eames chair?