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Artist Feature: Kristen Liu-Wong's Surreal, Dreamy, & Erotic Paintings

Kristen Liu-Wong's work is surreal, illustrative, dreamy, sometimes erotic, and always striking. We talked to Kristin about folk art, making your best work while on social media, and 90s Nickelodeon for our latest Artist Feature Interview. 

Fri, Sep 06, 19
Artist Feature: Trey Trimble's Nostalgic Retro Future Renderings
Trey Trimble's work is combines the past, present, and future in neon-lit 3D renderings that make us reach for a Crystal Pepsi and a Blockbuster rental to pop in the VHS player. We got to talk to Trey about his creative journey, his killer imagery, and Shock Tarts. 📼🌆💾
Fri, Jul 26, 19
Artist Feature: Alex Norris (Webcomic Name)

Alex Norris is the creative mind behind the Webcomic Name, the internet's favorite meta comic strip. Featuring a pink blob, the comic speaks to relatable subjects with a tongue-in-cheek tone and a predictable punchline. We got to speak to Alex about meta-humor, Dorris McComics, and that dog design. 💭🙃✏️   What's your name and where are you from? My name is Alex Norris and I’m from the UK! I am from Swansea in South Wales but now live in Wales.   How did Webcomic Name come about? I started making Webcomic Name in 2016 and it began as a parody of relatable...

Tue, Jul 16, 19
Artist Feature: 8 Bit Stories on Loving Longingness

Of all the artists we've interviewed for Readme.txt, 8 Bit Stories is the most mysterious so far. Combining stunning pixel art with thoughtful poetry, they create dreamy atmospheres that both confront and offer an escape from our existential thoughts. We spoke with 8 Bit Stories about loneliness, longing, and the cosmos. 😔🌌🥀   What's your name and where are you from? I'm from a faraway island somewhere in Greece. I prefer I'd stay anonymous for the sake of my art.   What lead you to start making pixel art? What are your greatest artistic influences? Would you tell us a little...

Tue, Jul 02, 19
Artist Feature: Julian Glander

Julian Glander builds worlds of fluorescent bits and pastel blobs that make us feel nostalgic for something imagined. His florescent scenes are surreal, thoughtful, comforting, and sometimes a little disturbing. We were thrilled to talk to Julian about his weird world of wiggles and waves. ☁️🙂🦠   What's your name and where are you from? I’m Julian Glander, originally from Detroit now living in Brooklyn.   How would you describe your style? How did it develop into what we see today? Pastel, gooey, acid, candy, Gumby, clay-like 3D figures experiencing the ups, downs, and middles of life in a perfect isometric world. I...

Mon, Jun 24, 19
Artist Feature: Miranda Lorikeet

We fell in love with Miranda Lorikeet (aka Lazy Bones Illustrations) as soon as we saw her Microsoft Paint Paintings. Miranda uses the program best known for pixelated doodles and office distractions to create soft scenes with stunning color palettes. We got to ask Miranda about MS Paint and more for our Artist Feature series. 😌🥀🌅     What's your name and where are you from? I am Miranda Lorikeet and I’m from Sydney, Australia.   What lead you to start making work with MS Paint? Pure boredom and lack of resources. Years ago I got a receptionist job in the...

Mon, Jun 17, 19
Artist Feature: Pablo Rochat

Pablo Rochat is a master social media manipulator. Using visuals common to our daily digital lives, Pablo bends, stretches, remixes, and collages his own surreal world of humorous and compelling visuals. We got to ask Pablo about his work as part of our Artist Feature series. 🤔😂🥴     Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from and how did you start making art? I grew up in Atlanta where I spent a lot of time creating art, mostly painting, throughout high school. I also made a lot of silly home videos with my friends-- to this day I still enjoy creating...

Tue, Jun 11, 19
Artist Feature: John Karel (@Jjjjjohn)

Here are Studio Cult, we're thrilled to announce our new Artist Feature series, and even more excited to interview John Karel! If you've been hanging out on the internet in recent years, you've probably come across John Karel's work. Known as @jjjjjohn  on instagram, his low-poly animations are everything we love about y2k computer graphics and vaporwave aesthetics married with present day meme culture. We got to ask John our most burning questions. 🔥🌱🦖💿     What's your name and where are you from? My name is John Karel, I’m from Lancaster, PA and currently live in Philadelphia.   What lead you to...

Tue, Jun 04, 19